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Development Trend of Smart Home 2015-6-26



With the development of science and technology, especially the emerging of cloud computing and internet of things, the concept of smart home appears in the media and comes into people’s vision. In China, the concept of smart home emerged about ten years ago. With the development of science and economy, people’s demand of quality household life is becoming higher and higher, comfortable, safe and smart.

The development of smart home 
1. The wireless transferring technology will have great development
Our city instruction is stepping towards development of smart city. Among this development, the smart technology development will push forward the development of relative industries. The popularizing of smart home is more and more stepping forward to real life with the development of its technology. In our daily life, sometimes we may forget to turn off light or TV, while future smart home systems popularizing will solve these problems in good way, we only need take the devices in hand like mobile to control everything at home, bring us very convenient life. While to realize this controlling technology, it needs wireless network transferring technology.

In the past, traditional smart home takes wire to transfer signal, which need damage the wall structure to bury the wires , affect beauty , need specialist to operate, long term and high cost. Especially when the consumers need replace it with new smart device, it is hard because need rebury wires.

With the development of Internet of things, wireless smart home has obviously technical advantages. Based on ZIGEBEE technology, the host only needs a smart phone then he can control the household appliances remotely and live a easy life. While it no need break the walls and bury complex wires, the host can install it by himself, low cost, low power consumption and easy maintenance.
We can say, the two kinds of technology promote each other. Our higher requirement on smart home, will virtually promote the wireless transferring technology, while the development of wireless technology, its effect will be seen in the run of smart home appliances.

2. ZIGBEE technology yields unusually brilliant results

Nowadays the smart home are really powerful in its function and changed people’s living way. In fact, the development of smart home is not so smooth. In 1990s, smart home products are introduced from Euro and America to China, and popular for some time, but because it is not so smart, with much buried wires, high price and delayed service, so customers always complain and at last it is not accepted by the market.

Till the emerging of internet of things, smart home products step into a blooming development. Especially the fast promotion of the worldwide popular ZIGBEE technology in China, provide technology support for wireless smart home products and intelligent level becomes higher. The hosts can control everything at home with electronic device. It no need break the walls and bury complex wires, the host can install it by himself, low cost, low power consumption and easy maintenance.

Revealed by insiders, ZIGBEE is a two-way wireless communication technology with low cost, low complex level, low power consumption, high security, short distance transferring etc features. And the biggest features is automatic network and high expansibility. Kinds of household devices and be connected, which is not achieved by Bluetooth and WIFI.

Expert of Internet of things, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan said, with the development of technology, smart home products are developing towards networking, informatization and intelligence. The functions are becoming stronger and stronger, and easier to operate. The industry standard will some out soon, which will reduce the cost further, and speed up its popularity. It is estimated 3-5 years later, smart home products will face blossom development.

3. Internet of thing is the water parting of smart home development.

Nowadays, internet construction is becoming country strategy, as a critical link of this field, smart home will surely benefit from it. ”The 12th five-year plan” of internet of things was published last year. It put forward nine internet of things fields that will be supported by government, among which includes smart home. Then this year, the government encourages private investment in internet of things appliance fields. As the sunrise industry of internet of things, smart home catches the free ride just in time.

4. Home appliances companies lead the smart home upgrading

Home appliance informatization is the trend. Intelligence is the key field that all TV companies seize the position in industry. The TV companies breakthrough in smart technology, from building up smart TV platform, to promoting smart voice search, to upgrading smart home on basis of Internet of things, and become the leader who grasp the smart technology new direction and promote the industry upgrading.
5. Cloud computing make smart home be more powerful
The user can watch the home by vivid video and track its record. Also he can analyse the smart socket and smart switch data, make a plan to save power.
Cloud service provide large data storage for users and cloud computing ensure user get fastest and most convenient service whenever and wherever you are in. And home will be an open cloud platform, mobile, pad, PC etc can share the data and meet the demand of security, comfort and social contact.

6. Inevitable trend: Digitizing intercom combined with smart home
Intercom wil add some smart home function, combined with security, home appliance controlling, information service, entertainment.
 7. The emerge of smart city put forward the development of smart home

The precondition of smart city is the smart home. The emerging of smart cities fastens the popularity of smart home. It is estimated, in future 5 years, the smart home product market will be increased by twice.
Trend in future

1. In future 5 years, touch control will be the control method of smart home. To control the light, appliance, curtain, security equipment, CCTV, door access control etc by smart control screen.

2. Smart phone will be the most smart control terminal. To realize the remote monitoring and controlling, remote unlocking, guest image confirmation, remote turning on the air conditioner etc by APP or Web method.

3. Wire control will be combined with wireless control. Main line areas take wire control and branch line areas take wireless control. This will be the development direction of smart home technology.