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New Keypad Lock series HST-K2201, 2015-8-15

New Keypad Lock Series Issued: HST-K2201MF, HST-K2201RF, HST-K2201TM, HST-K2201RM, HST-K2201NFC

After a long time of research and improvement, Hosmartec developed a new keypad lock series which covers all the popular functions including MF card, TM card, remote control and NFC, and you can choose their function matching as per your needs. They are suitable in Campus, office and home.

This series keypad locks take single latch as standard mortise and Euro five-latch mortise as option, and the appearance takes the most classic style which are extremely popular in North America.

 HST-K2201MF        HST-K2201NFC        HST-K2201RF        HST-K2201RM        HST-K2201TM

See the attractive features of HST-K2201MF as an example:

1. Free spinning handle

2. Freely change handle direction

3. 9v external battery

4. One-tool installation

5. Two kinds of codes: master code, user code

6. Four ways to unlock: code, code+mifare1 card, mifare1 card, override key

7. User deleted individually

8. One-time user code is available

9. CE/ROHS/FCC certified

10. Backlight keypad

11.Keypad Shutdown: 4 minutes if a code is wrongly input 3 times

12.Single use code function

13.Anti-peeking function

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